What is Horizon 2020?

What is Horizon 2020?

Horizon 2020 is the European Commission funding programme to support research and innovation in the European Union. This framework programme has a budget of about 77,028 billion euros for a 7 year period (2014-2020) to support research, technological development and relevant innovative initiatives.

Horizon2020 groups, compliments and continues previous work achieved during the 7th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (2007-2013), strengthens innovation actions from the Competitiveness and Innovation Framework Programme and the European Institute of Innovation and Technology actions.

The programme operates as an implementation instrument of “Europe 2020” strategy, and the emblematic “Union for Innovation” initiative. Contributing directly to address the main societal challenges in order to create and maintain the European Industrial leadership and strengthen scientific excellence in order to achieve prosperity, sustainability and long term wellbeing in the European Union.

Horizon 2020programme is concentrated in three main pillars:
  • Excellent Science, to improve scientific excellence in the European Union and in other countries around the world through open thematic initiatives and individual projects.
  • Industrial Leadership, to accelerate technological development from relevant industries: Information and Communication Technologies, nanotechnology, advanced materials, biotechnology, manufacturing and space technologies. The main objective is to support European innovative SMEs to become world leaders and fund research and innovation activities in their process to penetrate the market.
  • Societal challenges, to support a direct answer to political priorities and identified challenges from the Europe 2020 strategy (security, energy, transport, climate change, efficient use of resources, health, aging and territorial management).

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