Policy Dialogue

Contribute to the EU-Mexico Policy Dialogue for Scientific and Technological Cooperation. The main objective is to support the EU-Mexico ST&I policy dialogue; by providing strategic inputs to relevant stakeholders in charge of decision and policy making to maximize results and impact in the ST&I cooperation.

The objectives to support EU-Mexico policy dialogue in ST&I are the following:
  • Support to the EU-Mexico Agreement for Scientific and Technological Cooperation and its Joint Steering Committee (JSC). Provide inputs for the definition of a joint strategic agenda and its implementation supported through a multiannual roadmap to consolidate the EU-Mexico partnership, based on thematic areas of common interest addressing societal challenges and promoting innovation for industrial technologies.

  • Analyse policies, programmes and relevant information relative to EU-Mexico ST&I cooperation to develop proposals for the implementation of new joint mechanisms in thematic priority areas.

  • Encourage synergies with international efforts in policy instruments, with international organisations and multilateral fora.

  • Coordinate with the efforts of bi-regional policy dialogue and regional coordination through instruments/projects addressing ST&I bi-regional cooperation.

  • Support for the Bilateral Agreement for ST&I Cooperation and the JSC.

  • Recommendations for enhancing EU-Mexico ST&I cooperation.

  • Coordination with bilateral, international and multilateral level efforts.

  • Feasibility study to establish joint R&I organisations in Mexico and in Europe.



Bridging the gap between public and private R&I actors. There’s a need for a closer relationship between the government, business and academia (the triple helix), therefore it is necessary to enhance the establishment of a functional system that fosters innovation in the framework of the cooperation between the EU and Mexico encouraging collaborations between the public and private R&I entities.
The actions developed to conduct cross-sectorial and cross-regional innovation activities are:
  • Awareness raising and information gathering to implement a comprehensive strategic approach towards innovation; including EU policies and programmes/instruments. Developing foresight activities to identify emerging challenges, future markets and trends to work toward a stronger and more systematic interaction with the main R&I stakeholders taking advantage of instruments such as the European Technology Platforms (ETP) and the European Innovations Partnerships (EIP).

  • Identifying, promoting and networking the best practices regarding knowledge and technology transfer schemes based on joint mechanisms implemented jointly.

  • Foster and support the coordination of specific actions in order to enhance innovation and focus on common societal challenges and industrial technologies as defined in H2020.

  • Proposal for coordination activities focusing on innovation measures, mechanisms, funding schemes and services that will facilitate the connection between the private and public sectors, through Public-Private Partnerships, joint initiatives for technology based and innovative SMEs.

  • Mapping of innovation actors.

  • Best practices for promoting innovation.

  • Organization of joint activities in thematic areas of common interest encouraging strategic partnerships.

  • Pilot action plan to overcome innovation challenges.


Strengthening International Cooperation

Capacity and liaisons building in research and innovation. EU-MEX INNOVA project provides beneficiaries and key R&I players in Mexico and the EU and AC with the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to build new and stronger partnerships and mechanisms for sustainable and long-term cooperation.
The objectives and aims to strengthen EU-Mexico cooperation in ST&I are the following:
  • Track and analyse Mexican and European levels of participation in Mexican, European (FP7 and H2020) and bilateral initiatives.

  • Foster and support the coordination of European cooperation with Mexico through the development and extension of existing initiatives taking into account the research infrastructures available in both countries.

  • Provide technology platforms to enable Mexican and European researchers and experts to exchange information, R&I ideas and projects and build partnerships. o Reinforce both the capacities of key Mexican and European players (NCPs, Scientific Attachés, government, business and academia) on H2020, Mexican programmes open to Europeans and bilateral programmes.

  • Build new mechanisms for enhanced cooperation between EU and Mexico.

  • Monitoring of the EU-Mexico ST&I cooperation activities (including cooperation MS and AC).

  • Capacity building addressing EU-Mexico international programmes.

  • Online support and tools to guide and increase participation in mutual cooperation initiatives.

  • Developing the Mexican NCPs network and strengthening its capacities and reinforcing cooperation through European NCPs.

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